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         500,000 Legal, Accounting and ASLP Professionals
               8,500 Firms   -  11,000 Offices   -  160 Countries                                            $180 Billion Annual Services
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Locate  Lawyers and Accountants by Exact Expertise & Cost

500,000 Professionals - 160+ Countries - 8,500 Firms - 11,000 Offices



Requests for Qualifications - Compare Expertise and Costs in One Minute

RFQs make the expertise and experience of 8,500 vetted network member firms with 500,000 accountants, lawyers, ALSPs and consultants accessible in minutes - everywhere in the world. The firms range in size from 5 to more than 1,500 lawyers and accountants.

The process is simple:

(1) After selecting  the country, state, or Canadian province where the matter arose, click on            at the top of the page.

(2) Complete a short or a longer form with the details of your matter, along with an estimated budget. (This can be done anonymously.) Submit.

(3) Each firm will receive an email with your information and respond if they meet your criteria.

(4) Responses are sent by email and recorded on your personal dashboard for comparative review.

How is an RFQ different from an RFP?

A Request for Proposal (RFP) selects a number of qualifying firms, which are provided details regarding your matter and then asked to provide a proposal. Several firms may be chosen for additional discussions, a process which can take weeks and be very costly. RFQs are entirely free. 

RFQ User Guide

  • RFQs short-circuit the RFP process, because an RFQ can be done in minutes for any type of matter.

  • The number of firms reviewing the matter is much greater, as are their respective sizes.

  • Responses are received by email and recorded on the user's personal dashboard, which is accessible from their computer or phone.

  • Comparative analysis can be done immediately.


      Watch a 2-minute video





Annual Revenue

Leading Law and Accounting Networks:

Members  of Networks and Associations - Highest Quality Professional Services


The most important aspect of LawyersAccountants is the quality of included firms. They are all members of professional services networks. Each organization has stringent standards, as well as a review policy for admission and continuation of membership.

The professional and personal relationship among the professionals have  been developed over 20 years at a cost of more than $2 billion (dues, meetings, committees and referrals). These relationships are as profound and developed as those found in any large law firm


Law and Accounting Network and Association Executives



Directory of Executives

Requirements for networks in LawyersAccountants.com:


  • Vetting of member firms prior to admission

  • Local professionals 

  • Access to hundreds of offices through the network

  • Personal and professional relationships developed over 20+ years 

  • Established network policies

  • Multiple regional and global meetings

  • Practice area committees


                  For a detailed analysis of networks, see: The Handbook: Law Firm Networks (124 pages)



The collective expertise of vetted attorneys and accountants in 160 countries at 8,500 firms.

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The mission of LawyersAccountants.com is to provide real-time access to the expertise of lawyers and accountants in 8,500 firms in 160 countries - for free
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