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How is unique in the legal and accounting professions? captures the professional and personal relationships developed at an estimated cost $3 billion of dollars by networks  and distills them into one convenient website.

It creates transparent access to the expertise of 500,000 professionals within 75 networks in 160 countries.


Expertise and estimated costs for virtually any law- or accounting-related matter is accessible in minutes to the public.

The site incorporates artificial intelligence to select products and services directly associated with the legal  or accounting matter.

Users, Networks and Firms have direct access to their data so the information is always accurate.



Key Role of Networks in Assuring Quality




Legal and accounting networks developed for different reasons. Legal networks were the result of the expansion of the largest law firms into countries or states. Accounting networks resulted from the consolidation of accounting firms under the umbrella of the Big 8, who became the Big 6, Big 5 and ultimately the Big 4.


Both networks have been vetting their members for decades. Several billion dollars has been spent developing relationships. Today legal and accounting network members provide 16% of the $1.1 trillion market for legal and accounting services.



Practice Areas versus Expertise - Meeting clients' exact needs





What do clients want in professional services? Clients are seeking expertise and experience. Expertise has traditionally been grouped under the term “practice area.”

Until now, identifying a professional’s exact expertise has been difficult. The usual method is the “Request for Proposal.” A specific request is made of a limited number of firms. Each responds with the requested information. This process can take weeks and cost tens of thousands of dollars. expands the number of firms by many times. Firms can respond individually based upon their expertise. This only takes minutes.


Capturing Globalization 


The legal and accounting professions are global. It is the most global legal and accounting website. The website covers 160 countries, 50 states and the Canadian provinces


The firms range in size from 5 to 1,500 professionals providing clients a broad choice of firms to meet their needs.


Not Just a Law Firm Directory -  Creating User  Relationships

Directories are two dimensional sources of practice area information. creates three dimensional relationships between the users and the firms.


A   relationship is created with itself because it contains personal information similar to Linkedin or Facebook. Unlike a directory, each matter is recorded for future reference on a personal dashboard.


Artificial Intelligences and Alternative Services and  Products Providers

Each matter relates to particular locations and subjects. The site's AI permits each search to provide the user specific alternative products services that  support the matter or litigation.


This cannot be done with any directory.


Data always accurate - User, Network and Firm Access


Each user, network and firm has access to their data. Information can be updated 24/7.

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