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Frequently Asked Questions Users


What is AILFN? 

AILFN (the Association of International Law Firm Networks) is a nonprofit trade association that promotes all law firm networks as the global model of legal and accounting services.


What is is a web directory of 70 legal and accounting networks with members in 160 countries, 50 states, and 10 provinces. With one click, users can find all relevant information on each network’s members.


What is a Request for Proposals (RFP)?

RFP is an online app to locate specific expertise and experience based upon basic information describing the transaction and type of client.  Upon completion of the form, an email is sent to each of the network members in the chosen country, state, or Canadian province.

See: Requests for Proposals User Guide

How do we start an RFP?

Using the website, select a location, review firms, click the RFP button, complete the request form, and submit.

Is the information confidential?

Yes, the information is completely confidential. It is not shared with firms, networks, or third parties.

Is there a cost?

There are no costs of any kind associated with RFPs.

How were the firms selected?

The global models for legal and accounting services are networks and associations. These networks are branded, when each brand office uses the same name, or unbranded, when each uses its own name. Branded networks in accounting include PWC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG. In legal, examples would be Baker McKenzie, Dentons, and DLA. Unbranded examples in accounting are GGI and MSI. Unbranded examples in law are Lex Mundi, TerraLex and Meritas. firms were selected from unbranded networks and associations.

Why network members?

Networks rigorously review each new member and have policies with which members must comply on a consistent basis. This ensures a high level of quality.

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